Unpack the Jigsaw of Sample Management to Improve Your Efficiency

It used to be that a set of 4 P’s provided the perfect model for marketing. Called the
“marketing mix,” the 4 P’s included Product, Price, Promotion, and Place. The model
was lionized for years since its creation in 1960 by Michigan State Marketing Professor
E. Jerome McCarthy. McCarthy believed that if you create a high-quality product, price it right,
promote it, and get it into the right hands, your business will make money and be known
in your industry.

Enter the digital world and the focus changed. Customers became powerful and
performance that leads to a positive customer experience became an imperative and
makes all the difference in what customers think and say about you. Suddenly, a
company’s reputation was all about the customer viewpoint and the market perception
of the brand.

The All-Powerful Customer: A Force to Reckon With

Respectfully, the all-powerful customer has become a force to reckon with for
companies large and small. Add compliance and a stringent regulatory environment into
the mix for life sciences companies, and you’ve got your work cut out for you!
Our mission at Synergistix is to take some of that reckoning pain out of the equation for
you. As our customer, we want to make the sampling process an essential part of the
Pharmaceutical companies’ promotional activities. Making it compliant and easier for
you and your teams. In turn, you can provide superior service to your customers and be
known among them as a brand with performance that differentiates you from the

Game-changing Sample Management by Synergistix

The Pain of Hodgepodge Solutions

No one benefits when sample management is a hodgepodge of solutions developed in
silos. Poor integration of systems within your company or from a host of vendors with
disparate systems. Even worse, a reliance on manual systems. If your current SOP
aligns with either of these, you create a higher risk of errors and inefficient tracking
which can lead to poor inventory management, lost samples, and a poor HCP customer
experience. This faulty reconciliation can also lead to shoddy federal and state
reporting. It’s no secret that that can get you into hot water with the FDA, PDMA, or
other regulatory agencies, can bring on penalties, and potentially tarnish your

Service First Mindset

Our mission at Synergistix is to prevent any of that from happening. We believe that our
service-first, supportive mindset prevents that from happening by making you more efficient. That

efficiency translates to a heightened customer experience in your engagements with
HCPs. We created SampleIQ with that goal as our number 1 priority. We want to ensure
that the customer experience of the HCPs you serve is unparalleled. Because efficiency
in your sample management process can be an important game-changer in your

Efficiency in Your Sample Management Process

SampleIQ: A Better Way

Compare the SampleIQ way with the old way and consider the benefits:

Spreadsheets with manual entry: An
SOP rife for mix-up; phone calls and
emails often required for follow-up and
tracking; protracted timeframes in
physician receipt of samples
Digital Reconciliation of Sample
Ordering thru Delivery Reports:

Minimizes error, saves time, and allows
reps to focus on their core function, the
customer relationship with HCP’s,
brand visibility and recognition, and
HCP Paper Request: A need for
manually signed request and receipt
forms is potentially time-consuming;
procedure lends itself to expedient
shortcuts and the potential for sloppy
HCP Electronic Requests: SampleIQ
software validates all FDA physician
vetting requirements efficiently and
quickly; validation also facilitates Direct
to Practitioner order and delivery,
enhancing service and saving time
Siloed systems: Cost you time and
money, detract from the customer
experience, and undercut positive
brand perception
Workflow Digitization: Integrates and
streamlines the component SA
processes enabling increased
rep productivity and
more value-based outcomes with
HCP’s, including the potential for
expanded visits through the HCP Video
feature that keeps the HCP-
Rep relationship face-to-face and
Manual Reporting: An arduous
process, error prone and slow to
identify and rectify mistakes
Digitized Reporting: Quickly identifies
and reports to necessary agency any
reconciliation mismanagement/mistakes

Samples, Key to Docs Serving Their Patients

It’s well understood in the industry that getting sample materials into a physician’s hands
involves a lot of moving parts. But doing it is important to a doctor’s ability to serve
patients. And doing it efficiently with compliance rigor means that physicians can feel
confident that the process in which they are engaging is streamlined and convenient as
well as compliant. Compliance rigor saves time, trouble, and cost at any point in the
process and ups the ante on your brand recognition and perception in the marketplace.
Technology easily integrated with your existing system; a partnership approach with
guidance and communication tailored to your needs; and cost transparency and pricing
to meet your budget. Upping the ante on your efficiency…that’s what we’re about at

In Today’s market an outstanding customer experience based on top notch
performance is everything. Contact us for more information and to discover how our experts can help you achieve the trust
and loyalty of your customers and a market reputation that puts you head and shoulders
above the crowd.