How Synergistix Meets the Needs of Various Departments

Synergistix provides CATS (Customer Analysis and Targeting System), a multifunctional CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool designed specifically for the life sciences sector and useful for a variety of departments within life science organizations. CRM processes are intricately involved in and facilitate the improvement of sales, marketing and many types of metric-based programs. This is because CRMs allow for a consistent view of a customer, and provide a mechanism for capturing customer interactions within the life sciences industry. This occurs in such a way that companies are able to review and uncover the information needed to optimize initiatives and activities and make them more effective. By tying the various levels of interactions together with performance data, a clear picture of what may or may not affect performance can emerge.

Benefits of a CRM

Advantages of Our CRM for Each Department

CATS allows its users to see the full picture and make changes as needed. By collecting new information and comparing it to historical metrics such as, sales performance, call data etc, it provides a clearer overview of cause and effect. It must also be able to relate this information to the history of those interactions. By using a CRM like CATS, life sciences companies can be sure that they are CRM compliant and avoid any costly internal issues.

When it comes to stakeholders such as medical science liaisons and market access teams, CATS can help these areas with modules specifically tailored for the unique needs of each.

How Synergistix Helps Customer Relationship Management Strategy

When it comes to customer relationship management strategy, CRMs play an important role. Given that CRMs allow companies to assess various aspects of the company and make changes based on the feedback received, using a CRM makes it possible for companies to take on a customer centric approach. This means that companies can make decisions based on first-hand feedback from the customers themselves. For life science organizations, we provide (CLM) Closed Loop Marketing capabilities directly through the CATS system.

Collaborative CRM Solutions

Benefits of Using a Collaborative CRM

Using a collaborative customer relationship management can boost and enhance the customer experience as a whole. While operational CRM’s play a major role in how this data is received, collaborative CRM’s help to ensure companies have a fully functional system allowing them to leverage customer feedback to make continuous improvements. All Synergistix solutions, including the CATS CRM, are rooted in the Synergistix Ecosystem. This allows information to easily be shared across platforms. Therefore, making real-time information readily available and ultimately, building better results overall.

Key Takeaways

  • CATS is a versatile solution that helps meet the needs of various departments.
  • Using a collaborative CRM, like CATS, can boost the overall customer experience.
  • A CRM allows companies to take on a customer centric approach.

Overall, the use of the Synergistix CATS CRM works to help companies efficiently meet the needs of customers in a multitude of ways. If your life sciences company is struggling with an inflexible CRM, consider giving Synergistix a call or contact us here.