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Patient Longitudinal Data, TRx Tracking, and Sales Crediting

Data and analytics are key components for the success of modern healthcare industry initiatives. Forecasting, modeling, and tracking are inherent in making decisions within all levels of healthcare infrastructure. In the pharmaceutical realm, simply having large amounts of data is not sufficient. It is imperative to organize the data appropriately. To that end, Synergistix has […]

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Precision Patient Engagement

Whether you are just getting started with customer data mapping in your life science organization or you have the basics of Customer Relationship Managements (CRM) down and simply want to improve, it is important to understand how patient engagement solutions can help improve outcomes for patients and have a positive impact on your business.  In […]

Managing Chaos and Change Through a Pandemic

Two main focus areas for pharmaceutical companies are finding ways to sell and market products efficiently to customers as well as manage fraud and compliance issues that may come up. Pharma Industry executives spoke at our recent Synergistix 2021 Webinar Series and addressed these topics of focus. This blog outlines industry insights that they provided. […]

Direct to Patient Sampling

Direct to Patient Sampling, What You Need to Consider Before Making the Leap

As a direct result of COVID-19 , Pharmaceutical companies have considered the concept of  “direct-to-patient sampling” where patients can receive various types of medication samples at their residence. The following information provides an in-depth look at direct-to-patient sampling, program logistics and potential issues that pharmaceutical sample distribution may create. FDA Guidance The FDA has recently […]

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Government Oversight, Audit and Investigations

Nobody likes an audit or investigation, especially by surprise. Synergistix wants life science companies to understand what to expect from an audit. The 2021 Synergistix webinar featured a session with Frank Adamo, a retired US DOJ agent who previously conducted audits. Here are some of his insights on how an organization can best handle being […]

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Synergistix Wins the Sun Sentinel 2021 Top Workplaces

Since 1997, Synergistix has driven the commercial success of life sciences companies by enabling them to build strong customer relationships and highly effective sales teams. As the leading provider among CRM for life sciences companies, we are valued for our collaborative approach, respected for our technical excellence and trusted to provide industry-leading security and innovation. […]

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Monitoring and Auditing to Identify Potential Fraud in PDMA Sample Transactions

Pharmaceutical companies need to monitor and audit drug samples distributed under the Prescription Drug Marketing Act of 1987 (PDMA). Utilizing a customer relationship management (CRM) system designed for pharmaceutical companies can be a useful tool in preventing fraud and keeping track of sampling activity. For years, pharmaceutical sales representatives delivered samples in person. With the […]