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Synergistix offers a wide range of dynamic implementation and post-implementation services to help you install and manage your CATS Software Suite. These CRM support services are designed to extend the value of our state-of-the-art customer relationship management solution by supporting deployment, management and maintenance.

Our proven, turn-key approach includes key milestones that ensure the success of the implementation, regardless of the size or complexity of the sales force. Our methodology consists of six phases: Assess, Configure, Customize, Setup, Pilot, and Rollout. During each of these important phases, our implementation and support experts work alongside your staff to understand and address your business requirements, as well as your unique system, reporting, and integration needs.  Our commitment to quality and total customer service means we are not satisfied until we exceed your expectations for a successful implementation, making us an industry leader and one of the best CRM’s for businesses.

Superior CRM Solutions & CRM Support by Synergistix

Our project managers play a proactive role in every implementation, ensuring success at each step and providing support internally to the client.  Every customer is assigned a single point of contact for issue resolution, client request tracking, and project plan and timeline maintenance. This dedicated superior service solution also ensures adherence to standard operating procedures and serves as the client advocate within Synergistix.

After the program is implemented, we provide CRM customer service and support services designed to streamline the management and ongoing support of your CATS Software Suite. These services include Help Desk Support, Asset Management, Training, Database Hosting and Back End Support. When combined, these services facilitate user acceptance, compliance, and the type of predictable, high quality results our clients have come to expect from our expert team.

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