Secure & Private Cloud CRM

Our competitors store client data in a public multi-tenant environment—exposing companies’ information to availability, security and privacy risks. Compounding these CRM software risks is the fact that this third party ultimately controls the timing and nature of software updates, leaving competitors’ customer  at the mercy of a third party.

Best Cloud Based CRM for Small Businesses

Synergistix stores each client’s data in a private, secure and fully managed cloud based CRM — giving organizations easy accessibility and convenience, while providing the ability to proactively maintain a validated state. Our cloud CRM system ensures the integrity and reliability of your data infrastructure, eliminates key CRM security risks, and features data transmission speeds that are well above industry standard.

 Enjoy all of the benefits of our secure, private cloud computing, including:

  • Scalability, flexibility, and anytime/anywhere access
  • Continual upgrades and enhancements
  • No hardware to buy or maintain

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