Sample Accountability: a Must With Your Sample Delivery Service Process

Compliance Oversight an Imperative to Mitigate Risk Every Step of the Way

When it comes to your sample distribution services, Life Sciences companies like yours have a lot riding on this important part of your business. That’s why it’s imperative that your sample services be well-regulated and in compliance with FDA protocols and PDMA guidelines. The process of getting samples to prescribers, of building relationships between your company’s salesforce and physicians, and of penetrating new markets requires real-time diligence, transparency, and detail. 

On the one hand, you need to make certain that there are no missteps in the entire process. You also need to be sure that when missteps occur—and inevitably they sometimes do—these events must be discovered quickly and immediately reported to the FDA in accordance with its protocols. If your sampling services go awry, you face financial and reputational risk and the prospect of even more stringent oversight by the FDA. This can limit your sales, the promotional activities surrounding your brand, and undercut your mission to help patients manage disease states and conditions.

At Synergistix, we get it. We recognize that there’s a lot of vigilant work tied into connecting patients and providers with brands in compliance with FDA operational requirements—a lot of oversight and management in the sample accountability process. When you tell us that the rigorous and necessary regulatory oversight from federal and state agencies makes the delivery of these small sample packets to multiple upon multiple practitioners a logistical feat, we wholeheartedly agree with you.  And we empathize. Left on your own to overlay your activity with comprehensive compliance management is a huge task and requires a huge investment of resources, time, and money. 

All the Heavy Lifting

What you need is a partner whose core business is all about helping you mitigate compliance risk and manage every bit of your sample accountability process…a partner who can do all the heavy lifting. Synergistix can be that partner. We’re here to team up with you to help you overcome your toughest challenges with sample management and accountability. Our Sample IQ tool includes our proprietary software and its complement of strong support services—a network of dedicated account managers and staff sampling analysts—who can interact with you in real time at all logistical touchpoints of the sample delivery process to make sure that every step of the way, things are as they should be. 

Our digitized processes expedite sample delivery, reduce timeframes, and ensure that your sample service is validated by all FDA requirements from practitioner validation, vetting, and signature verification to sample distribution form management and receipt acknowledgments. That makes for easy, fast Direct to Practitioner (DTP) delivery. Plus, our system manages all your regulatory filings, detailed reporting, and record retention and storage in days instead of weeks and helps to make all of these processes airtight. 

Because we are nimble and our software system agnostic, it easily adapts to your needs and practices. Nothing in your operations has to change. Our software can seamlessly route your sample deliveries through your preferred fulfillment center. We can also integrate our sample accountability technology with your current CRM system to grab data. If we find gap areas, we’ll inform you.  What’s more, you can tell us you want to enter a new market or expand a service, and we’re here to help you strategize and integrate execution into the delivery process.  

Why Synergistix?

So, we know what you’re thinking: Why Synergistix when there are other sample management software platforms out there? 

Humble brag: There are. We think we’re best! 

Here’s why:

  • Technology that’s cutting edge – Its development was spearheaded and overseen by our COO who has a combined compliance-technology background. He created it specifically to address sample accountability and align with mandated FDA protocols. At its core, it validates all FDA procedures and requirements and PDMA guidelines and incorporates system integration features to adapt to FDA process nuances or changes as the agency’s protocols evolve.
  • Savings and efficiencies all around – The sophistication of our software and its precise alignment with compliance protocols is cost-saving and timesaving, making your sample management program a profit center not a cost center.
  • Premier support, service, and training – Your compliance experts or any team members can interact with our account managers and staff analysts in real time, which means you’re covered on the spot if there’s anything in the delivery activity that’s unclear to you. Still, we can also be laid back and let you review the activity independently through our real-time dashboard.

On the other hand, we can talk with you every day as your needs dictate. In addition to support, you have access to all the training you request to help you use the system to monitor and track real-time activity.

  • Fast responders, interactive, over-communicate – Put simply, we’re human. We’re the voice behind and in addition to the tech…that last quarter inch that can up the ante of your sampling efficacy and more broadly help to make your business a success. We’re here to communicate, customize, understand, and accommodate your business. We’re here to tailor our solution around you and do it in a compliant manner. We are truly here to lend a hand in every way possible to keep your sample management compliant and your business on track. 
  • Track record of excellence – That’s in every step of the sample accountability process…in every step of our services. We’ve been a partner in excellence for companies just like yours for a very long time. And we’re proud to say we continually hear words we like to hear: “You help us achieve the results we want. You’re easy to work with.”  

We know that when you onboard with us you, too, will be using the words: “Great compliance. Great business. Easy to work with. Well-done!” 

We’re here to serve you and want to be your partner. If you’re seeking sample accountability services that will seamlessly and compliantly help your sample management program hit a home run, get in touch with us today.