How Synergistix Can Help Optimize Your Existing Sampling Program

Sampling is critical within the life science industry. As the world continues to change and evolve since COVID-19, optimizing your existing sampling accountability program is key. Using the appropriate methods of sampling means you’re efficiently communicating with doctors and ultimately helping patients. Recently, the sampling landscape and the way we work has changed. Pharmaceutical representatives less and less are going into providers offices. More than ever, it is necessary for pharmaceutical companies to evolve while continuing to abide by PDMA guidelines. 

There are various options with the Synergistix SampleIQ suite of services standing above all other alternatives. What sets Synergistix’ SampleIQ solutions apart is a robust yet highly configurable system. Rather than providing clients with cookie-cutter solutions, Synergistix considers and implements solutions specific to each customer’s unique circumstances. By eliminating antiquated methods and processes, Synergistix helps companies optimize their product sampling methods. For instance, if an organization is still using paper in its sampling programs (which always has higher compliance risks, is not environmentally sensitive, and typically costs more to process), one of the first things that will be done is to suggest the best-automated approach such as the utilization of an HCP Portal, Rep Portal or a Rep Triggered Remote Sample Request mechanism. These electronic solutions will ensure a cost-effective product sampling program that runs smoother and eliminates paper.

Effective Product Sampling

What are the benefits of product sampling?

In terms of the benefits of product sampling, there are two significant aspects to take into account:

  • Patient Access: One of the top benefits of product sampling is providing patients access to therapies which may otherwise not have been readily available to them or new therapies they may not have had the opportunity to try.
  • Trial and error: Product sampling helps pharma companies get in front of doctors to ensure their patients are the recipients of the best therapies available. When the HCP observes positive results, the patient ultimately benefits. With COVID-19 and social distancing, sampling is no longer done in person to the extent it once was. SampleIQ solutions facilitate patients gaining access to needed medications in the most efficient way possible.

How does Synergistix provide reliability and monitoring?

As a company, Synergistix’ focal point is compliance solutions for the life sciences industry. It is always the goal to provide each client with tailored solutions base on industry expertise blended with the best technology. With years of providing solutions to the industry, Synergistix is in a unique position to understand what their clients need. The Synergistix team works closely with each client to collaborate and create actionable solutions that are both practical and actionable. From providing a CRM solution tailored explicitly to life sciences and SampleIQ compliance solutions to help companies navigate the evolving world of sampling, Synergistix stays ahead of the curve.

Synergistix offers innovative solutions focusing on the latest technologies to optimize productivity and convenience. Using CRM and SampleIQ solutions, companies can leverage cutting-edge sampling and monitoring solutions to allow their teams to focus on the HCP experience.

How to use SampleIQ

In terms of effective product sampling programs, SampleIQ is a cutting-edge offering providing a broad range of services and applications. SampleIQ solutions enable life science organizations to comply with PDMA regulations by assisting with business rule reviews, regulatory filings, signature verification letters, reconciliation processing, and sample distribution form management, all under Synergistix team’s watchful eye. 

Cost Effective Product Sampling

Key Takeaways:

  • Synergistix can help optimize your sampling programs by providing tailored solutions.
  • SampleIQ helps companies stay in compliance with PDMA regulations.
  • SampleIQ easily integrates with any CRM platform or device and our team offers comprehensive services and support.

Overall, if you are seeking a method of optimizing your existing sampling ideas and methods, Synergistix is the standout choice. To learn more about this product, contact us today.