How Does Synergistix’s CRM Compare to Competitors

A Customer Relationship Management platform, or a CRM, for life science companies is a system that supports the automation of sales and marketing activities, administrative responsibilities and processes for a company’s sales professionals. A CRM’s foundational technology is implemented to automate a company’s sales processes, making it integral to its selling model to ensure CRM regulatory compliance. This blog will delve into what is the best CRM for 2021 and what to consider when choosing a CRM. 

Which Is the Best CRM for Life Sciences?

Working in life sciences is very complex with the number of rules and regulations that exist in the industry today. Staying organized without a CRM will be an impossible task. A CRM designed specifically for life sciences will provide a competitive advantage. An organization shouldn’t have to compromise on functionality to match the CRM system. Synergistix’ CRM, CATS (Customer Analysis and Targeting System), provides a flexible insights and solutions for each customer’s needs that will work well across all departments, including field sales, sales operations, marketing, home office personnel, sales management, medical science liaison’s and market access departments alike. 

CRM Comparison

CATS also minimizes the number of “clicks” required to enter calls, find customers, enter customers and all other transactions needed to navigate the system, so that users spend less time in the system and more time in front of customers. Finally, Synergistix has a lower total cost of ownership than its CRM competitors. It delivers a tailored solution, so life science organizations do not need to pay for costly programming or hire personnel to adapt or make the CRM fit for purpose. The Synergistix team configures CATS to each organization’s unique needs so they do not need to devote additional time and resources. Additionally, there are no hidden costs with Synergistix.

Our CRM Software Tools

Our cloud-based suite of solutions is rooted in having a deep understanding of each life science customer’s unique challenges and are configured accordingly. When configuring and launching your system, we work side-by-side with all appropriate stakeholders through six phases: Assessment, Configuration, Data Integration, Infrastructure Setup, Pilot and Roll Out.

The Synergistix CRM offering is all-inclusive with dynamic reporting capabilities and analytics. Pricing includes all modules, dedicated account management, hardware management and support by our world-class Help Desk. It includes enabling state of the art features such as call-planning, dash boarding, sample accountability and dynamic reporting capabilities. The system is flexible, allowing for additional products and other changes. Essentially, the Synergistix approach can assist with many of the tasks required in commercial operations greatly simplifying your internal processes and lowering the total cost of ownership. 

CRM Regulatory Compliance

What solutions do CRMs offer?

The best CRM solutions are flexible and easy to use. They not only accept a multitude of call types and store customer information, they allow Sample monitoring for PDMA compliance purposes. Additionally, they provide GEO Targeting functions, have CLM capabilities, capture HCP signatures while also providing a variety of standard and tailored reports on contacts, types of contacts made, doctors’ names for each territory and dates of visit.

How to Compare CRMs for 2021?

The best CRM is one that is configured based on your needs, with a wide array of features that can adjust with the ever changing needs of your industry and company goals. Because of the wide array of features and flexibility, this results in a lower total cost of ownership by centralizing and simplifying processes. We understand how important this is to our life sciences clients because of all the tasks that need to work in tandem. 

Key Takeaways

  • CRM solutions help life sciences companies organize customer information, target calls, automate follow-up dates, monitor and track samples and provide detailed and customizable reports.
  • The best CRM features are configured based on customer needs and have all-inclusive pricing to prevent budget surprises and lower the total cost of ownership. It is also dynamic and easy to use. CATS comes with help desk support, hardware management and a dedicated account manager.
  • Synergistix provides a tailored, all-inclusive solution that is dynamic and easy to use. Our team is with you every step of the way.