CRM Features

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Call Planning, Trending, Tracking, and Data Management

Geo-targeting functionality allows sales reps to effectively pre-plan call activities
Filter and sort data to present last call and next call date, name, address, zip code, and more
Automatically calculate follow-up call dates based on business rules, while also viewing the pertinent information from previous visits, including call notes, telemarketing and direct mail activities, and all other practitioner contacts captured or imported into the system
Track and update key contact information, including name and address, phone number, state license number (with expiration date), DEA identification number, and ME number
Record customer information, such as additional office addresses, contact names, group affiliations, and general notes and comments about the contact and products presented
Track several call types such as: Presentation Only, Sample and Presentation, Nurse Only, Lunch & Learn, and Group Calls
Create customized rules for each  call type, and view trends in successful call types with insight from historical activity by sales representative
Incorporate and organize customer-provided market data for client and competitor products by doctor
Store and display, in list and graph format, multiple periods of data for each customer

feature-icon-3 Sample Accountability

Monitor PDMA compliance, inventory levels and practices
Track sample receipt acknowledgements Track sample receipt acknowledgements (including doctor electronic signatures, signatures on file, and designee signatures) as well as PDMA guidelines and rules for sample distribution and electronic signature capture
Perform reports on inventory levels, reconciliation, doctor verification letters, doctor signature comparisons, etc.
Capture information on all product samples disbursed by strength, lot number, and expiration date
Present sample requests and receipts to doctors when presented with the pen-enabled device
Download detailed reports on all products dispensed and the signature proofs for all sales calls in the case of a question or compliance concern related to a sample disbursement. The CATS electronic signature meets the requirements for compatibility as a non-biometric signature capture process, as allowed by CFR 21 part II
Order samples directly from the CATS system and set order rules, including minimum, maximum allocation and case quantities
Set management approval for each order and allow electronic ordering to the distribution center via EDI, XML, email or other formats.
View real-time status of each order through the CATS web-based system

feature-icon-2 CRM Reporting Functionality

Territory Management Report – Provides detailed call reach and frequency by territory, district and the entire sales force
Weekly Reporting – Provides a dynamic CRM report snapshot or summary of the calls a sales representative made during any given week, timesheet, status, and expense reporting
Alignment Report – Provides a complete listing of doctors for each territory along with the date when they were last visited by a sales representative
Transmission Review Report – Shows the frequency of data transmission from the sales representative’s device to the central database server
Call Summary and Call Summary Decile Report – Shows a summary of the types of calls made by a sales representative, and the type of contact the calls were made to
Custom queries by sales person or customer

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