COVID-19 & Implications on the Future of Sample Management

COVID-19 has significantly changed how our interactions are conducted, shifting to predominantly virtual communication between vendors and life science companies. Seemingly overnight, the world was turned upside down and companies were left to figure out how to conduct business in a safe environment. Virtual environments have been around since the early 2000s and late 1990s, but through this international pandemic, we really recognized what these platforms were capable of.

Pre-COVID-19, the drug sampling management world was still conducted in person. Interactions required representatives walking into offices, speaking with the doctor and staff about the drug. This provided opportunities to build trust and to establish relationships with doctors, office managers, nurses and the rest of the staff. What is of most importance right now is maintaining those close relationships in a digital space.

Sample Management & Supply Chain

After COVID-19 hit, like many industries, life sciences had to come face-to-face with a long ignored means of communication, strictly digital communications to remain safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. But how could this transition be done seamlessly? 

That’s where Synergistix comes in. Sample management may have been changed forever since the move towards a digital space. However, this is not entirely driven by COVID-19. In 2006, professional companies were conscious and talking about not being left behind. Sampling was not a replacement for the salesforce, but it was an addition or an enhancement to it. This was developing into a big push for companies to evaluate how they were doing business.

Digital Transformation & Customer Experience

Within a year after that, how sampling can drive revenue through customer centric marketing positions, the sampling programs report and part of management strategies for the pharmaceutical industry. In comparison to other industries, this sector is quite a bit behind, in terms of the digital revolution.  

COVID-19 & The Future of Sample Management

In the life sciences industry, people are accustomed to creating these long lasting relationships through in-person interactions. However, COVID-19 left many individuals in prominent fields at a crossroads: Evolve with a webcam, make communication mobile friendly and move your service online or be left behind. Through SAMPLE IQ, Synergistix helps make this transition as seamless as possible. SAMPLE IQ is an all inclusive platform that allowed vendors to communicate directly through the platform internally and with physicians. 

There were numerous gatekeepers: administrators, nursing staff, and other medical personnel could get in between] access to that HCP or that prescriber. But now with COVID-19, it was a moratorium, making it impossible to go into an office if necessary.

With SAMPLE IQ, the entire sampling process can be done digitally. Doctors can e-sign to show that they are complying with federal guidelines. Although the process has changed, Synergistix is still here to ensure that everyone is compiling with the rules for receiving pharmaceutical products, every step of the way. 

COVID-19 has forever changed sample management. Thankfully, Synergistix has been long ahead of the curve. Contact us today for further information on how we can provide you with your drug sample management or sample accountability services needs today.