Company Culture In The COVID And Post COVID Work Environment: Are You Doing It Right?

People know great company culture when they see it — but the idea of culture is not easy to define. In this blog, we’ll take a look at what great company culture looks like, some companies that exemplify a positive culture and the next steps you can take to begin to create a more positive environment in your company, whether you’re still at home or back in the office.

What Is Culture?

Many executives point to their organization’s mission statement when asked about company culture. While this can be a good starting point, there is much more to company culture than a few well-worded sentences.

Company culture can include many aspects, such as employee training, an easy-to-access data source when it comes to customer engagement platforms, compliance, and a positive dynamic, despite a sometimes difficult to navigate virtual sales world. In today’s work-from-home environment, it is easier than ever for employees to feel negative about work, and developing a positive company culture can help.

When a company has a solid culture, employees are more likely to stay long-term. If you do not have great company culture, don’t panic — there are simple action steps that you can take to get things moving in the right direction.

Company Culture - Pre and Post COVID Work Environment

Companies Doing It Right

When you talk to employees who work for a company with great culture, it is clear that they are generally happy with their jobs. They may feel deeply dedicated to the company’s mission, enjoy opportunities outside their daily duties that allow them to contribute to the workplace. It may even result in people enjoying strong bonds with their coworkers due to the company’s dedication to being an enjoyable place to work.

For the sixth consecutive year, Synergistix has been awarded one of the Best Places to Work in South Florida. In 2020, Synergistix was also winners of the Work/Life Flexibility specialty award. This is a reflection on the dedication that Synergistix shows towards their company culture to make for happy employees and long tenure.

One of the best ways to learn more about your company culture is to ask employees for feedback. Truly anonymous surveys give employees a chance to tell you how they feel about their workplace. They give people a chance to speak about challenges they may frequently face and their experience with company leaders without fear of retaliation for failing to say the right thing.

Boosting Company Culture

After identifying weak spots in your company culture, it’s time to get to work on change. Supporting employees in outside pursuits, creating on-the-clock opportunities for employees to get to know one another at work and understanding exactly what went wrong when an employee chooses to leave your organization can all be helpful ways to boost your company culture.

If your employees are still working from home, putting in the hard work to improve culture now will make for a more pleasant return to the office for everyone.

Company Culture in a Post COVID Work Environment


  • It’s important to clearly define the culture you want for your company, but it’s even more important to follow through.
  • Allow employees to give culture feedback without fear of getting in trouble.
  • Use employee feedback to help define a plan for culture improvement moving forward.

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