CATS Software Suite – Pharma CRM Solutions

Synergistix presents the Customer Analysis and Targeting System (CATS) Software Suite: smart, innovative PC-based pharmaceutical CRM Solutions that best adapt to your business’s needs. Our highly configurable software works both online and offline for iPad, Windows, and Android, and provides both robust management reporting tools as well as flexible, field-based data capture tracking system in the pharmaceutical industry.

The CATS Software Suite helps sales teams gain a competitive edge and see visible results. Get more information and explore the CATS system modules in detail below.

CATS Software for Pharma CRM by Synergistix


All-in-One Mobile Solution

  • Runs on iOS and Windows-based tablets
  • Can be used in companion mode with any Windows-based PC
  • Performs all core functions necessary for field-based user teams
  • Integrated geo-targeting functionality
  • Nimble, swift interface

CATS Express

Smartphone Solution

  • Designed for iPhone, Android and Windows 10
  • Provides easy access to contacts to make calls and basic details
  • Quick, convenient access to date
  • Eliminates the need for paper signature capture
  • Fully compatible with CATS-M



  • Revamped Reporting System based on Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Independent and seamless reporting solution
  • Integrated with CATS-M
  • Cleaner export to Microsoft applications
  • Enhanced drill downs
  • Select report dimension at runtime
  • Multiple data sources
  • Real-time, online CATS database
  • Faster, pre-calculated data-marts


Report Builder

  • This extension of CATS-R allows users to create unique reports from multiple data sources, selecting fields, parameters and other options
  • Includes both CRM and external data
  • Create user-selectable parameters
  • Schedule reports to be created and distributed via email
  • Deploy created reports within the CATS-R system for access by all users

CATS Admin

Administrative Tools

  • Web-based module will allow customers to administer some features of the pharma CRM System
  • Look up practitioner degrees and specialties
  • Search and consolidate information for both practitioner and institution
  • Manage territory re-alignments and related files
  • Add new users and transfer users across territories