Employee Spotlight

Welcome to the new Employee Spotlight section of our website. We asked our colleagues to offer their thoughts and opinions on working at Synergistix and the culture we strive to provide for our employees.  We are proud of the Synergistix family and culture and wanted to share what makes working at Synergistix special. This installment of Employee Spotlight features Brittany Decena. Please read below to learn more about Brittany and what she likes about working at Synergistix.

Employee Spotlight: Brittany Decena
Title: Sample Accountability Analyst
Joined Synergistix: September of 2013
Description of Role: Brittany is part of a dedicated, on-site team of Sample Accountability Analysts that utilizes a powerful combination of software and processes developed over the past 10 years to support the needs of our customerns who disburse samples. All services are provided by US-based full-time employees of Synergistix, who are fully-trained on PDMA regulations and your company’s SOPs.

What is the best thing about working for Synergistix?
The company has a distinct family feel. Co-workers communicate well and have formed close bonds. There is a strong team-first attitude where we all know that we have each other’s backs.

What benefit of working at Synergistix surprised you the most?
I love the atmosphere of camaraderie at Synergistix. We celebrate many holidays with a potluck where co-workers bring a variety of food. Many employees enjoy having group lunches where we can all be together and share our daily experiences.

How is the work-life balance at Synergistix?
Synergistix offers a good work-life balance, and they understand if an employee has an important appointment or family event they need to attend. We also have a basketball hoop in one of our conference rooms that employees can use for stress relief and also a popcorn machine in our break room for a quick snack.

What does Synergistix do to recognize or reward a job well done?
There are a number of ways that Synergistix recognizes great work. From certificates of completion to email recognition, there are many ways that we are made to feel appreciated. Every year we have our Annual Employee Appreciation Day geared towards making the employees feel like we are an essential part of the success of the company. Activities over the years have ranged from bowling to laser tag.

What is most satisfying about your job?
Working with clients is fun! I enjoy training home office staff with issue management and educating new clients in Sample Accountability best practices. I like working with the reps directly and building those relationships. The Sample Accountability department audits our clients’ samples every quarter and it’s challenging to keep up with all the regulatory and compliance issues, but it’s very satisfying to help our reps avoid any possible fines by keeping them informed.

Which part of your job do you like best?
Where do I start? The family atmosphere, the company’s ability to work with employees’ needs, continuing education opportunities…Synergistix offers a lot to their employees. Synergistix also listens to their employees. I love the Dining with Don Lunch sessions, where we get to have open discussions with the CEO Don Schenker about good things going on and potential areas of improvement.

What makes you want to stay?
The positive atmosphere and the genuine family-oriented feeling make me want to stay. It’s great to know that your co-workers have your back.

What would you tell an applicant who is applying to Synergistix?
The benefits are great (401k, life insurance, medical, vision, dental just to name a few), the family environment is genuine and the atmosphere is positive…just make sure you are ready to eat a lot!