SampleIQ is the engine that drives smart sampling programs, automating processes to optimize inventory and reconciliation data collection and compliantly provide samples to HCPs. SampleIQ enables our team to dive deeper into your engagement.


The most complete CRM engineered for life sciences and equipped with omni-channel capabilities. CATS empowers you to manage all interactions with partners and customers, access markets, and grow your business for accelerated commercial success.


Translating complex data into relevant information requires experience and knowledge. Synergistix and Archi-Tech bring decades of hands-on experience in life science data.

Operational Support

Our mission is to deliver commercial solutions for life sciences in sampling services, CRM, and data management and analytics backed by comprehensive operational support.

Our Story

Synergistix started as a consultancy in 1997 and quickly evolved to focus on salesforce automation in life sciences, incorporating compliant sampling services over time. For nearly three decades, we’ve enabled pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to build effective teams, lasting customer relationships, and sustainable business growth.


With 25+ years immersed in sampling, CRM, and data management and analytics, we have an impressive, ever-evolving reserve of industry knowledge to share with you. Keep a finger on the pulse with Synergistix.

The Powerful Combination of Technology, People, and Compliant Solutions Can Help Your Life Sciences Company Achieve New Heights

January 4, 2022 | Synergistix

A company’s values say a lot about the way the company treats its customers. At Synergistix, your needs come first…always. That’s just part of our cultural DNA.

We’ve been in business almost 25 years and from the beginning, we’ve been driven to provide you with solutions that address both your market and your compliance needs. Our technology solutions can help you stay ahead of the curve to achieve commercial success all the while you stay aligned with the ever-stringent requirements of the life sciences regulatory environment. 

Our systems are designed for flexibility and configurability.  They are built on a common Platform, enabling easy, customized integration with little disruption to your existing configurations. Designed exclusively for our clients, all our proprietary systems provide you with the efficient automation and AI technologies that lead to streamlined SOP’s and best business practice management. 

These processes lead to the consistent outcomes that help your teams serve physicians and their patients with pharmaceutical solutions that stabilize disease states and prolong life. At Synergistix, too, the commitment of our staff—our expert administrators, executive sponsors, account and product managers, data stewards, quality and compliance experts, sample analysts, technology and operations managers, back-end support and call center teams— makes all the difference. We regularly communicate with you to address your unique needs, identify gap areas, and make the necessary edits to help you build highly compliant, efficient, and effective teams so that you can feel confident that you are operating safely in the challenging regulatory marketplace.

First, a Consultancy. Then CATS CRM. Then CATS on Steroids. 

We started as a consultancy and quickly moved into sales force automation for companies like yours, then developed CATS 1.0, (Customer Analysis and Targeting) our proprietary CRM that helps you streamline and automate your systems to allow your reps to focus on sales. 

Over the years, we not only built out several iterations of CATS (think CATS 3.0), but also launched a mobile capability (CATS-M) and a smartphone offering (CATS-E) that enable your reps to have real-time access to all necessary data in the office on desktop and on the road. We integrated reporting capability into the CATS ecosystem (CATS-R) and then an easy-to-use feature that facilitates Direct to Physician (DTP) review sample request forms and eligibility status quickly and failsafed against human error. The CATS system furthers your sales efforts from warming territory and pre-launch activities, through SWOT analysis of the HCP’s practice and territory level. 

SampleIQ to Fully Meet Client and Compliance Needs in Disbursement of Drug Samples

We developed SampleIQ, a combined software and strategic process offering that interfaces with CATS and enables you to perform sales activity in compliance with PDMA and FDA requirements, and DEA, and 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines.

SampleIQ prioritizes your ability to get samples to HCPs and Patients quickly and seamlessly while keeping your sales force compliant. Our HCP Sample Ordering Portal allows an HCP to easily request samples through a paperless on-line portal.  The Rep Triggered Remote Sampling permits sales representatives to initiate a digital sample request that is sent via an email link to the HCP. The HCP Video Meeting feature allows sales representatives to instantly launch video chats, presentations, and other materials from within the Synergistix CRM, keeping the HCP-Rep relationship face-to-face and dynamic, an even greater benefit in the pandemic environment.

When you use our SampleIQ services, you pass on the onerous task of managing all aspects of the sample accountability process to us. This includes mitigating compliance risk to upping the timeliness and efficiency of physician signature validation, thorough review of sample requests, and sample delivery to HCPs. 

And All the Ops Support You Could Ask For

Our ancillary services round out our offerings. We’ve created Prisma Analytics, our data warehouse, to scrub disparate data and develop it into cogent reports for the best market forecasting and market strategy. We’ve white-labeled a Learning Management System to integrate a powerful LMS system into the CATS environment and provide a comprehensive training module. ImpactBio, a sister company we’ve built from the ground up, provides full recruiting, training, meeting planning and contract sales representative knowledge to our pharma clients. Beyond this, we have partnered with many other service providers in the industry so that we can provide you with 360 degrees of service and then some.

Beyond that, our valued partners provide systems and services that integrate seamlessly with our Synergistix solutions and are integral to driving your success. These partners share our strong belief in a team approach and deliver services such as:

  • Aggregate Spend
  • Data Providers
  • Practitioner Validation
  • Customer Master
  • Fulfillment
  • Data Warehouse and Analytics
  • System Validation
  • Closed Loop Marketing
  • Expense Reporting

All Inclusive: Service & Support, Access & Transparency, Predictable Pricing, Lower Cost

When we say all inclusive, we mean it! This is key to the power of our CATS Suite and our SampleIQ platform. With other providers, you typically get only the software. But with Synergistix, you get implementation training, imports and exports, help desk, asset management, and system administration from a service and support team that’s 100% on shore. From sales and implementation to post-implementation support, our team works together with you to increase your efficiency, transparency, and forecasting through easy integration that will help to enable the continued growth and success of your business. 

Our solution includes all these extras without the surprise of unanticipated costs and additional pricing. Your Reps, Managers and Home Office personnel can see status and progress at any point through seamless integration with all dashboards and reports. 

Want solid software solutions, cost savings, enhanced time management, and increased productivity and efficiency for your team? 

Call us to discover how we can be your partner and help you you take your business to new heights. 


More Than a Solutions Provider

Speak to the team dedicated to the sample accountability
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Our company has been a Synergistix client for nearly ten years, and we've had nothing short of a positive experience! The dedication of the organization to the client is next level. Synergistix's expertise and attention to detail are truly unmatched, and we look forward to our continued partnership.

- Taylor Kananen: Manager, Commercial Operations
Almirall, LLC

We've been a Synergistix customer for over ten years now. I'd highly recommend Synergistix for their incomparable level of commitment to top-notch customer service and dependability. Our partnership is backed by their strong track record in the life sciences arena and excellent CATS CRM ecosystem.

– David Rodrigues: Director, Sales Operations
Exeltis USA, Inc

We've partnered with Synergistix for over fifteen years. As we deliver our products to diabetes patients nationwide, we need simplified, aligned data. Synergistix supplies us with precise target groups and tools to generate analytics and reporting for our sales reps and leadership team. Synergistix has replaced the need for specialized IT and allows us to be more nimble in decision-making. Customer service is impeccable. Our relationship is one of family, hence the term “partners.”

– Michelle Wakeley: Senior Manager, Strategic Sales Effectiveness
Ascensia Diabetes Care

Regardless of our business challenges and opportunities, I've found that Synergistix has always been able to keep up with our high expectations. Whether looking to expand our sales footprint, build new features into our CRM system, or leverage our CRM to its full capabilities, I've always counted on Synergistix for their opinions and expert feedback. I truly value our partnership with Synergistix and thank them for their continued support and dedication.

– David Rodrigues: Director, Sales Operations
Exeltis USA, Inc