About Us

Since 1997, Synergistix has driven the commercial success of Life Sciences companies by enabling them to build strong customer relationships and highly effective sales teams. As the leading provider among CRM for Life Sciences companies, we are valued for our collaborative approach, respected for our technical excellence and trusted to provide industry-leading security and innovation.

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What You Can Count On:

Quality. Synergistix demonstrates commitment to quality in the technical excellence of our software products and in the fully on-shore support we deliver before, during and after software implementation.

Innovation. From the beginning, Synergistix has continually engaged with our users to identify and address opportunities to further improve our software and services.

Partnership. Thanks to our strong, longstanding commitment to and understanding of the Life Sciences industry, Synergistix operates as a true partner to our clients. In addition, we maintain solid relationships with many other providers who are integral to driving our clients’ commercial effectiveness.

Respect. Whether serving clients or collaborating with employees, Synergistix treats people with respect. This core value fosters strong, longstanding relationships with our clients and with our employees. That, in turn, translates into better service and better results.

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