2023 Collaboration Conference Recap

That’s a wrap! In case you missed it, we just held the Synergistix 18th Annual Collaboration Conference with peers and thought leaders in life sciences. After a couple years of virtual ambiguity, our team was back in person in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with a stacked group of sampling, CRM, and data professionals—including our very own team of Synergistians. Together, we expanded our networks, tuned into insightful presentations, and explored catalysts for commercial success in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

We left the week with a new outlook on sampling solutions, CRM ecosystems, effective sales teams, compliance and efficiency, and much more. Here are some speaker highlights:

  • Terra Buckley, JD, VP & Head of Compliance Advisory Services, MedPro
    Do you ever notice tension between what your business leaders ask of your CRM and what Legal and Compliance say is required? In this keynote session, Terra discussed the landscape of various field-based roles and the compliance trends driving configuration decisions, sharing various risk and mitigation strategies to employ when meeting with compliance partners.
  • Spencer White, Senior Director, Avion Pharmaceuticals
    In a world and industry with no shortage of shifts and evolutions, flexibility and agility are key to enterprise scaling. Spencer taught us to respond to change with digital solutions as quickly as possible to stay on top of the market.
  • April Loncao, Account Executive, Synergistix
    The customer experience (CX) is a large part of every conversation these days. April dived into the power of perspective and empathy in the CX, which gave all of us a new outlook on how to understand the feelings of others, respond to them, and share our own.
  • Wendy Wolf, President & Founder, ImpactBio
    Gaining momentum in just about every industry is “quiet quitting” and“quick quitting.” Quiet quitting refers to putting in minimum effort just to get by, and quick quitting refers to leaving rather than sticking around to see a change. Wendy walked the group through both trends, sharing strategies to retain top talent in today’s age.

We were also joined by Greg Gironda of Odyssey Health, Jackie Markle of AstraZeneca, Matt Hutcheson of Tegra Analytics, and Rick Wichmann of Synergistix, who shared incredible words about launch excellence, data accessibility, everyday statistics, and privacy at work. Thank you to everyone who shared a piece of their professionalism—you really brought it!

As you can tell, much of the 2023 Collaboration Conference went beyond the scope of sampling, CRM, and data solutions. Because, at the end of the day, success is more than that. It’s about how we work with each other and our customers. When we come together, the industry evolves as a whole. And it’s not just about us. We’re fueling critical strides in life sciences, accelerating commercial growth for healthcare partners focused on better patient outcomes.

We left feeling energized and empowered when we returned home from the 2023 Collaboration Conference. We can’t wait to apply this new industry knowledge, and we are already looking forward to next year. Thank you to everyone who joined and participated. You made the week one to remember!

Contact Synergistix to learn more about where we’ve been and where we’re going. We lead the industry in helping others build highly effective teams, lasting customer relationships, and sustainable business growth—and we can help you do the same.