Dive Deeper: The True Value of Smart Sampling Solutions for Life Sciences

An effective sample management program is integral to commercial success for pharmaceutical and, in some instances, medical device manufacturers. In short, sample management and sample accountability refer to the logistics of reconciling sample inventories to ensure adherence and compliance to PDMA regulations and guidelines in addition to maintaining an appropriate supply of samples. With an effective sampling program comes increased market access and additional commercial success, which brings on the need to automate as many processes as possible in an effort to modernize sample management.

Hand sampling requires a sales representative to physically visit a medical office to transfer samples to a healthcare professional (HCP). Alternatively, some HCPs prefer direct-to-practitioner (DTP) sampling, where sales representatives don’t carry the samples themselves. Instead, they’re stored in a warehouse and shipped directly to their offices.

At the end of the day, hand sampling and DTP sampling programs have one common goal: compliantly providing samples to HCPs. Let’s consider the difficulties each type of program confronts.

Hand Sampling Challenges

  • White spaces and field vacancies that remain untapped by inside teams
  • Low-touch HCPs that sales representatives don’t (or can’t) target

DTP Sampling Challenges

  • Lack of integration between steps in the process from ordering to fulfillment
  • Appropriate allocation of samples for optimal distribution

What’s Smart Sampling?

Traditionally, a field representative drops off a sample and collects the HCP’s signature via the CRM or paper form to ensure the appropriate capture of information for reconciliation and auditing purposes. Smart sampling solutions seek to replace paper and manual processes, thereby optimizing the collection of inventory and reconciliation data. Audits are conducted and made available via the system for home offices or sample accountability analysts to read and view electronically, visualize checkpoints, ensure inventories are accurate, and facilitate sample distribution.

Smart sampling contributes significantly to innovation and continuous improvement across both small and large life sciences companies. Comprehensive smart sampling solutions also strongly focus on total customer support, from implementation to sample management and market access.

Why Smart Sampling?

Smart sampling solutions combine the technology and support required to optimize sample management, which enhances the entire sales process and product lifecycle.

  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
    Sample operations must reconcile the quantity of samples representatives receive and the quantity of samples provided to HCPs to certify adherence to regulatory protocols. Smart sampling solutions validate all FDA procedures and requirements and PDMA guidelines, incorporating system integration features to adapt to process nuances as agency protocols change. As life sciences regulations evolve, smart sampling helps prevent drug, product, technology, and process diversion, ultimately driving compliance and accountability.
  • Meet Customer Requirements
    There are many factors throughout a sample management program: sampling methods, timelines, documentation, SOPs, storage, transportation, and so on. Smart sampling solutions must be able to adapt to these unique business needs and priorities. It’s critical to take a collaborative approach throughout the implementation process, discussing and configuring a smart sampling plan relative to a client’s business rules and product. Ultimately, the goal is to develop sampling programs consistent with these needs and effective for compliance.
  • Optimize Sales Force Effectiveness
    Sample accountability and reconciliation require deep consideration and continual effort from inside teams. Automated processes and responsive, reliable support shift the commercial team’s focus from manual processes to valuable HCP relations. Tech works best when paired with real people and hands-on partners, which is why smart sampling providers don’t aim to take representatives out of the program but rather enhance the overall sampling process.

Partner with the Pioneers of Smart Sampling

Pharmaceutical, diagnostics, biotech, and medical device companies often run hundreds of trials simultaneously. With billions of dollars and thousands of team members invested, plus sample services from multiple third-party vendors, the cost of inefficiency can quickly escalate.1 Regardless of business size or budget, sales processes must be designed to profit.

Synergistix provides high-quality smart sampling solutions backed by comprehensive customer support for commercial success in life sciences. SampleIQ is the engine that drives Synergistix sampling solutions, helping our dedicated compliance and customer service specialists dive deeper into your engagement to remove manual work for your sales representatives. Leverage our system’s reporting and tools to pull key analytics and industry data, and consult with our twenty-five years of expertise to transform this information into actionable insights and intelligence.

Our smart sampling solutions were systematically engineered for compliance and commercial success in the life sciences industry. Schedule a demo with Synergistix to learn more.


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